Review provisions

All articles submitted to the editorial board are reviewed. The purpose of peer review is to promote the rigorous selection of author’s manuscripts for publication and to make specific recommendations for their improvement. The review process is focused on the most objective assessment of the content of the scientific article, determining its compliance with the requirements of the journal and provides a comprehensive analysis of its advantages and disadvantages.  The articles that are scientifically valuable only and that solve pressing medical problems and health problems are accepted for publication. The level of compliance with the rules for preparing an article for publication in a scientific journal is monitored separately (see Requirements for the design of articles).

The primary purpose of the peer review process is to eliminate cases of poor research practices and to ensure that the interests of the authors, readers, editorial board, reviewers, and the institution where the research was conducted are consistent and balanced.

Manuscripts are reviewed confidentially. By submitting a manuscript to the journal, the authors trust the editors with the results of their academic work and creative endeavours, which may depend on their reputation and career. Disclosure of the manuscript’s peer review violates the author’s rights. Editors do not disclose information concerning the manuscript (including information about its receipt, content, review process, criticisms of reviewers, and conclusion) to anyone other than the authors and reviewers themselves. Breach of privacy is possible only in the case of a statement of inaccuracy or falsification of materials, in all other cases its preservation is obligatory.

The author of the article is responsible for copyright infringement and non-compliance with existing standards in the article materials. The author and the reviewer are responsible for the accuracy of the facts and data provided, the validity of the conclusions and recommendations made, and the scientific and practical level of the article.

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