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2019.27 (3)

2019, VOL. XXVII, PUB. 3, PAGE 165 O. SUKHINA1, К. NEMALTSOVA1, O. NEMALTSOVA2 1 SI «Grigoriev Institute for medical Radiology NAMS of Ukraine», Kharkiv 2 Communal noncommercial organization «Regional center of oncology», Kharkiv THE EXPERIENCE OF APPLICATION OF CHRONOMODULATED RADIOCHEMOTHERAPY FOR INOPERABLE FORMS OF CERVICAL CANCER Radiation therapy is a priority direction in special treatment for locally […]

2019.27 (2)

2019, VOL. XXVII, PUB. 2, PAGE 85  M. TKACHENKO1, P. KOROL1, 2 1 Bogomolets National Medical University, Kiev 2 Kiev city clinical hospital № 12 DIAGNOSTIC VALUE OF RENOSCINTIGRAPHY IN PATIENTS WITH TESTICULAR SERTOLIOMA AFTER CYTOSTATIC THERAPY Aim. To determine the diagnostic role of renoscintigraphy in patients with testicular sertolioma after cytostatic therapy. Materials and methods. Renoscintigraphy was performed […]

2019.27 (1)

2019, VOL. XXVII, PUB. 1, PAGE 5 V. VORONKO1, R. DRONOV1, B. SHRAMENKO1, I. BELOZIOROV2, I. GIRKA2 1 National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology2 V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University POSSIBILITIES OF OBTAINING RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS «GLUCOSE, 11C» AND «ETHANOL, 11C» FOR PET TOMOGRAPHY ON ACCELERATORS OF NSC KHIPT Ultra-short-lived isotopes 18F and 11C for positron […]

2018.26 (4)

2018, vol XXVI, # 4, page 231 V. A. PRYLYPKO, O. O. PETRYCHENKO, M. N. MOROZOVA, I. V. BONDARENKO SI «National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», Kyiv RESOURCE POTENTIAL OF MEDICAL SUPPORT OF RNPP OBSERVATION ZONE POPULATION The paper deals with the data analysis focused on medical […]

2018.26 (3)

2018, vol XXVI, # 3, page 139 O. I. SOLODIANNYKOVA, D. L. SAHAN, V. V. TRATSEVSKYI, V. V. DANYLENKO, V. L. TURYTSYNA National Cancer Institute of Health Ministry of Ukraine, Kiev THYROID DIFFERENTIATED MICROCARCINOMAS: TREATMENT AND MONITORING FEATURES The paper deals with posthoc analysis of treatment and monitoring of patients with thyroid differentiated cancer microcarcinomas. […]

2018.26 (2)

2018, vol XXVI, # 2, page 65 V. S. IVANKOVA1, E. A. DEMINA2, L. V. MATVIEVSKAYA3, Т. V. KHRULENKO1, L. M. BARANOVSKAYA1 1 National Cancer Institute of Health Ministry of Ukraine, Kiev 2 Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology, Kiev 3 Zhytomyr Regional Oncology Dispensary RADIOBIOLOGICAL ASPECTS IN BRACHYTHERAPY OF SECONDARY METASTATIC VAGINAL CANCER Abstract. The search for […]

2018.26 (1)

2018, vol XXVI, # 1, page 7 H. V. LAVRYK National Cancer Institute, Kyiv STRATEGY OF DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGIC STUDIES IN ASSESSING EFFECTIVENESS OF CHEMOTHERAPY OF METASTATIC COLORECTAL CANCER Purpose. To identify visual features, which characterize activity of metastatic process in the liver. To estimate polychemotherapy effectiveness criteria in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). Materials and […]

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